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Public Junior High School Night School Program

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The night school program is available for those who were unable to complete their compulsory education (elementary school and junior high school) due to various circumstances. Students will learn the nine subjects taught at junior high school. Those who meet the conditions below are eligible:

  1. Did not complete elementary school and/or junior high school or, due to a variety of reasons such as school refusal, were unable to gain sufficient knowledge.
  2. Currently live or work in Tokyo
  3. 15 years of age or older

The night school program is offered at eight schools in Tokyo. Please feel free to contact the school listed below with questions anytime.

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Junior High School Night School Program List

Schools marked by a ★ also offer Japanese language courses at night.

★Bunka Junior High School
1-22-7 Bunka, Sumida-ku
Tel 03-3617-1562
Fax 03-3617-7920
Koujiya Junior High School
3-6-23 Nishikoujiya, Ota-ku
Tel 03-3741-4340
Fax 03-3744-2668
★Mishuku Junior High School
1-3-43 Taishido, Setagaya-ku
Tel 03-3424-5255
Fax 03-3424-5380 (direct)
Arakawa 9th Junior High School
2-23-5 Higashiogu, Arakawa-ku
Tel 03-3892-4177
Fax 03-3819-6818
Adachi 4th Junior High School
1-2-33 Umejima, Adachi-ku
Tel 03-3887-1466
Fax 03-3887-6066
Futaba Junior High School
1-10-1 Ohanajaya, Katsushika-ku
Tel 03-3602-7979
Fax 03-3602-9320 (direct)
★Komatsugawa 2nd Junior High School
3-20-1 Hirai, Edogawa-ku
Tel 03-3684-0745
Fax 03-3684-1656
Hachioji 5th Junior High School
4-19-1 Myojincho, Hachioji-shi
Tel 042-642-1635
Fax 042-646-6473
【Contact Us】
Hachioji City Board of Education
Tel 042-620-7339
Fax 042-627-8813


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